Willimantic Street Fests

Cait The Great


My name is Caitlin Brehart; I am a hula hoop performer & instructor and I have been hula hooping since March 2014. My hope is to share my passion of hooping in a fun, personal and genuine way. I started hooping during a low point in my life when I needed something positive to focus on. For me the hula hoop became my best friend, my therapy, my sense of peace, my new enjoyable way to exercise, my self-expression and a great way to interact with others; making new friends. Hoop dance has allowed me to connect with my inner child and learn to let go and be present in this moment. I want people to know that I didn't start off good at hula hooping in March 2014, it took practice, the proper teachings, determination and patience to get where I am today. As a teacher my goal is to guide my students into their own style of hooping that best suits them while making learning as exciting as possible. As a performer my goal is to entertain, surprise and wow my audience. I wish to inspire others to do what they love and do it with confidence.