Willimantic Street Fests




Although it looks like the fest 'just happens' every 3rd Thursday, it actually takes year-round planning and organizing as well as the help of numerious volunteers. Here are some of the folks without whose volunteer efforts the fest would not be possible!



 Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who help make the fest happen every season!  


 If you want to join the fun please email us at Info@willimanticstreetfest.com




ACT Students

Paul Anderson

Paul Ashton

Ray Axelrod

John and Elisha Benson

Rick Brosseau

Millie Brosseau

Marcos Cardona

Tad Church

Christian Clark

Winston Coleman

Kathy Cyr

Michael Culbertson

Jean de Smet

Joshua Enders

Mae Flexer

Karen Gilbransen

GROW Windham

Bob Hackemack

Michael Heon

Kristina Locke

John Luckey

Ian Luckey

Adrienne Martineau

Annastasia Martineau

Cassandra Martineau

Roger Manning

Tom Markland

Luiz Martin

Margo Meley

Lourdes Montalvo

Erin Morelle

Bob Mott

Next Step

Susan Oldershaw

Liz Ostwald

Norman Peloquin

Perception Programs

Devin Reese

Dency Sargent

Maya Shieber

Kristin Smith

Darlene Spinnato

Greg Spinnato

Brendan Spinnato

George Spurlock

Gregory Todd 

Carl Twerdy

Susan Wuthenow

Willibrew Float Crew

Willimantic Food Coop Crew

Duke York

Paul Zocco


Thank you again to all of our wonderful volunteers who help make the fest happen each year!