Willimantic Street Fests

Although it looks like the fest 'just happens' it actually takes year-round planning and organizing. Here are some of the folks without whose volunteer efforts the fest would not be possible. If you want to join the fun - email us at info@willimanticstreetfest.com


Paul Anderson

Paul Ashton

Bob Benson

John and Elisha Benson

Aaron Blanchard

Eva Blanchard

Rick Brosseau

Millie Brosseau

Jean de Smet

Karen Gilbransen

Bob Hackemack


Rudy Karl

John Luckey

Ian Luckey

Paul Zocco

Johnnie Walker

Tom McNally

Next Step

Susan Oldershaw

Perception Programs

Andy Sandowski

Dency Sargent

Darlene Spinnato

Greg Spinnato

Willibrew Float Crew

Andrew Guillemette

Fred & Charlene Perry

Melody & Tom Guillemette

Katherine Lincoln
Emily Cameron
Catherine Dietrichsem
Caroline Ellis
Brendan Spinnatto
Omega House