Willimantic Street Fests

American Country Productions


AMERCIAN COUNTRY PRODUCTIONS SPECIALIZING IN MERCHANDISE PROMOTIONS TARGETING AUDIENCES FROM CONCERTS AND SPORTING EVENTS NATIONWIDE WITH A TWIST OF ENTERTAINMENT. The product for the Willimantic street fest will be all varieties of Cowboy hats . We do specialized promotions with a local favorite pre-concert location near the concert arena for that night. *The space needed is minimal the size of a banquet table, small kiosk, or circular stand. *The primary time is just a few hours before showtime and during the performance *We also create a festive country theme throughout the whole bar by letting the staff model the cowboy hats while working * It expands your services for your customers and is a colorful side attraction for potential customers and people passing by . * We help promote and draw new customers from the mall area to come in to your place by advertising and broadcasting beforehand and being vocal during the pre-show time. * The booth is set in a cozy patron friendly area of the establishnment. I've done very small sport bars to venues encompassing large arenas.