Willimantic Street Fests

Willimantic's July  3rd Thursday Street Fest is NOT cancelled


Amnesty International (Edwin O. Smith High School Chapter)


The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is virtually an ethnic cleansing campaign against Rohingya muslims by the Myanmar government and army. It has been ongoing for nearly a decade, and is listed as high concern on Genocide Watch. Many believe that the mass deportations and persecutions of Rohingya people is reminiscent of atrocities perpetrated by the Young Turks during the Armenian Genocide. Although Myanmar (Burma) is far away from the United States, and therefore perhaps out of peoples' realms of interest, the United States vowed after the Holocaust to never sit by and watch another genocide happen; yet the president and congress have politely swept the persecution of the Rohingya under the rug, offering empty promises of relief. A table will be set up containing pictures and informational packets about the Rohingya crisis, as well as a campaign wherein people may write letters to President Trump or sign a petition to congress asking the US government to recognize, condemn, and perhaps even urge to send aid to the Rohingya people. Although many do not see the benefit of helping the Rohingya, the United States, if it wishes to redeem its powerful position in the global sphere, must begin using it's colossal power for good and make allies along the way.