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Aberdeen's Ashes

Reviving the sound on an era…. One sentence that that sum up the sonic attack that is Aberdeen’s Ashes. “We are a total band of geeks” says bassist Owen Santy of the hard working (and hard rocking) Suffield, CT based Grunge & Alternative Rock outfit. “It’s so odd that you have four extremely well educated and accomplished professionals outside of their musical environment performing music that’s so old school and unpretentious. “ Led by vocalist Daryle Dunlap and guitarist Mike Cole the act began working up their raw and unique sound in 2005 - 2014 while working the greater Hartford metro as the acoustic duo: “The Fence Incident” In early 2015, the band came across percussionist Jeff Burke (Mojo Stiltskin, Pale Horse) as he was looking for a change of pace bringing with him bassist M. Owen Santy (Second Nature, Beyond Repair, Prüf, Mojo Stiltskin) to round out the dynamic sound of Aberdeen’s Ashes. The quartet is currently booking dates for Winter & Spring 2017 with a set list sure to please any crowd including tracks from well-known artists such as: Pearl Jam, Bush, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and many other favorites sure to please any crowd longing for a taste of the sound that made Seattle famous. The band has recently appeared at Manchester’s The Hungry Tiger, The Skybox (Southwick, Ma) and numerous other venues over the last 18 months to a great response by their patrons and is currently set to officially open their winter schedule in Berlin Ct. at Stryker’s Café in January of 2017. Owen is currently sponsored as “Endorsed Artist” by Michael Tobias Designs instruments with Owen currently performing with both the MTD Kingston “Heir” and “Kz” basses. He is further sponsored by Bartolini Pickups & Electronics. Thank you for allowing us to submit. Additional material as well as 100% "live" unedited audio samples may be freely downloaded @ the following: https://goo.gl/tOfNRn