There is a small amount of space for new vendors and entertainers

for the June Fest! 



KDCROP FARMS is a small farm that is woman owned by Kelly Caisse and family run in the heart of Chaplin, CT since 2007. We grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, and chickens/ducks for eggs. We also create jarred goods such as fruit pickles, flower petal jellies, low sugar jams, regular/specialty jams and jelly, compote, chutney, relish, pickles, salsa and sauerkraut at CLiCK, a certified cooperative kitchen in Windham, with the ingredients grown on our farm. We sell fresh produce as well as the shelf stable jarred goods that can sit on a shelf for up to 18 months and last up to a year in the refrigerator after opening. Sauerkraut and kosher dill pickles will be for sale in refrigerated containers. Buy in bulk or by the pickle!! We accept cash, credit, and EBT/SNAP! Striving to create a fresh farm product that everyone can enjoy! Check our website