There is a small amount of space for new vendors and entertainers

for the June Fest! 


Although it looks like the fest 'just happens' every 3rd Thursday, it actually takes year-round planning and organizing as well as the help of numerous volunteers.

Here are some of the folks without whose volunteer efforts the fest would not be possible!

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who help make the fest happen every season!

If you want to join the fun please email us at




Corey B Krohn

Kristina Smith

Tim Dwyer

Bobbi Dwyer

Will Evans

Sophia Cherrier

David Cronish

Riley Cherner

Liza Crawford

David Stoloff

Debbie Stoloff

Robert Cherrier

Mary Delaney

Maia Carpentino

Robin Thompson

David Porter

Chris Jordan

Anneliese Smith

Rachel Mcleod

Tammy Huestis

Claudia Sweetland

Marisely Jiminez

Chris Grant

Keith Plimpton

Nick Kochis

David Phipps

John M Mainetti Jr

Jean de Smet and BB

John Luckey