Willimantic Street Fests

Dr. Martino


Hailing from Willimantic, Connecticut, Dr. Martino is a high energy, power pop trio influenced by 60s garage and surf, early punk, and alt rock. Sharing songwriting duties, Amy Shaw and Simone Puleo compose sharp guitar and vocal driven pop songs, propelled by the booming, wild drumming of Mike Kaminski. The music of Dr. Martino rifles through a gambit of rock genres, and the lyrics from song to song evoke a spectrum of emotions and moods, from humorous to melancholy, nostalgic to forward-looking. The band has performed at festivals including I AM Fest in New London, the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival, and several others. They have played venues such as Cafe Nine and the Space Ballroom, New London's Hygienic Art Park, and New York City's Knitting Factory.